The scenic “Whiskey Route” is for the adventurous hikers and trekker(s). The secret to a successful summit is acclimatisation and this route helps you do that by ascending and descending, and therefore has a high summit rate. Your guides and porters will help you through a 6 or 7 day hike and trek, and your chef will ensure you have nutritious meals to give you the energy you need to help you summit Uhuru Peak.

Length:6 Days

Category: Trekking

Destination:  Kilimanjaro via Machame

Major Attractions: Kilimanjaro mountain, Africa’s highest mountain

Tour Guides Language: English

Starting Point: Moshi

Ending Point: Moshi

Route Accessibility:It approaches the mountain from the south via Machame gate. The trail passes through tropical rainforest to alpine desert which finally leads to the summit.

Additional info:We provides guides,porters and cooks to accompany you while on the mountain.

Day 1: Machame Gate (1800M) To Machame Hut(2835M)

Transfer from the hotel in Moshi to arrive at Machame gate for registration formalities.Start a steady climb at the gate and take the trail leads rain forest.The path continues to machame hut to arrive in the evening where hot water will be served for washing.Sign in again while you are at the campsite and later have some hot tea with popcorns and biscuit.Stay at the campsite when you just waiting for the dinner and overnight.

  • Distance:10 Kilometers.
  • Time:5 Hours walking.
  • Zone:Moorland.

 Day 2: Machame Hut (2835M)To Shira Cave (3750M).

Climb through moorland zone which provides stunning view of Kibo peak.The trail leads to shira cave to arrive in the afternoon.Rest and have refreshments upon arrival while waiting for the hot dinner.

  • Distance:5 Kilometers.
  • Time:4 Hours walking.
  • Zone:Moorland.

Day 3: Shira Cave (3750M) To Lava Tower (4600M) Baranco Hut (3900M)

Hike from the shira cave and  the process  meant to acclimatize through to lava tower which is 4600M and descend down to baranco hut which is 3900M just to adjust the body.Rest for a while at the tower and waite for the lunch.Start descending the tower and finally arrive at baranco hut for the dinner and overnight stay.

  • Distance:10 Kilometers.
  • Time:7 Hours walking.
  • Zone:Moorland.

Day 4: Baranco Hut (3900M)ToBarafu Hut (4673M).

Start to climb up the baranco wall which is 4200M for the watere and picture brake.Continue with the trail to reach karanga hut 3995M for the lunch and a short rest.After lunch start again to walk “ pole pole” to climb the karanga clef leads to barafu hut Arrive at the base camp for lunch and take a long rest while waiting for the dinner Prepare yourself for the summit by getting enough time to rest and sleep early around 7:00pm.

  • Distance:10 Kilometers.
  • Time:7 Hours walking.
  • Zone:Alpine desesrt.

Day 5: Ascend To the Summit of Uhuru Peak (5895M amsl).

Wake up around 23:00 for adding more warm clothes and head lamp. Leave the campsite and start summiting by midnight into the glacial zone.The path leads to Stella point 5756M.Have time for the sun rise pictures and a short rest for 5 to 10 minutes while having water or hot tea at Stella point.For the climbers who have experienced AMS are advised to start descending down, however for those interested can take a round trip along the crater rim to reach uhuru Peak 5895M.Proceed by descending down from the summit, have a short rest to the base camp again for 2 hours. Have some lunch,repark your gears and start to descend down to mweka hut 3100M “pole pole” through mweka route.

  • Distance:5 Kilometers.
  • Time:6/7Hours walking.
  • Zone:Alpine/Glacialzone.

Day 6: Mweka Hut (3100M amsl) To Mweka Gate (1640M amsl)

After the hot breakfast, continue hiking through the beautiful green forest to arrive at mweka gate.Get awarded with certificates whereby golden certificates are given to hikers who reached at Uhuru peak and green certificates for Stella point hikers.Retreat back to Mweka village for a drive to Moshi town for resting or airport for the flight back at home.“Normally tipping can be done to the last campsite or at the certain gate”.

  • Distance:10 Kilometers.
  • Time:3 Hours walking.
  • Zone:Rain forest.


  • Pick up and drop off at Kilimanjaro International Airport.
  • Pre & Post trek accommodation.
  • Park fees, camping fees, rescue fees, 18% VAT on tour fees & services which cost nearly 55% of the total cost charged..
  • 4 Season mountain tents.
  • Sleeping mats and oxygen tank.
  • Transportation to & from the mountain gate.
  • Professional mountain guides, cooks and porters.
  • 3 meals daily while on the mountain.
  • Filtered water throughout the trek.
  • Fair wages for the mountain crew as approved by the Kilimanjaro National Park Authority (KINAPA), Kilimanjaro Association for the Tour Operators (KIATO).

Not Included:

  • Items of a personal nature.
  • Laundry Services.
  • A doctor for the group.
  • Tipping for the mountain crew.

Tipping on the mountain is recommended for group sharing as following:

  • Guide: $20/guide/day
  • Cook: $15/day
  • Porters: $10/porter/day