Tour Overview

Time, starts at 9am Ends 3.30 or 4.00pm

Explore the natural beauty of the slopes of Mt.Kilimanjaro. Enjoy and rest in the nature beauty and peace of this amazing natural site. The music from the waterfalls and radiant colors of the valley transform our inner and outer environment.
The Chagga culture and history can be explored by visiting the Chagga live museum site. Several exhibitions include a reconstruction of a thatched Chagga house with a complete livestock inside. The museum also has a display of traditional Chagga tools, farm equipments, rope made from the balk of the mringaringa (Cordia africana)) tree, a genealogical look at the history of the Chagga, some drums and a "bugle" made of kudu horns.
Traditional chagga style house are windowless, built in a round beehive form and covered with think thatching that need to be changed every few years. Inside, one half of the house is used for cattle and the other side for parents and children sleeping areas with a cooking area in the middle. Chagga house there days are more modern constructions.
There are colorful local markets in different location within walking distances held twice a week in where "bananas" selling takes place. Marangu is the largest market for the sale of bananas in the country and attracts buyers from all over Tanzania.
Have a cup of home-made coffee with our local people. Take a walk through Marangu coffee farms and visit a local home where you will learn the whole process of preparing coffee in traditional way from beans to cup and then you will enjoy a delicious cup of Kilimanjaro coffee. All local fees go to the social development in the village.