Campus life

Campus life

LIEST runs a range of great events for its Students on and off campus and makes it worth coming to. With Cultural events and many other exciting events on and off campus, there’s no excuse not to get involved with life at LIEST.

Life as a LIEST student is much more than attending lectures and tutorials. It is also about meeting new people, having fun, developing lifelong skills and living a happy and healthy life. Make the most out of your time here!

Life as a Student

There’s a lot to adjust to when you are a new LIEST student. Knowing where to go for help and how to get organized will help your transition.

Getting to and from LIEST

You need to organize getting to and from LIEST before and after classes. The only public transport is buses. Some great sustainable options are personal transport.

Living on a Budget

Most students live on a limited income. Developing a budget is the best way to assess your financial needs and control your costs. Beyond the payment of fees, studying at LIEST incurs a range of additional costs. These may include uniforms, field trips, photocopying, placement costs, stationery, text books, and course materials. Don’t forget to allow for a social life and life’s little mishaps.

Expectetion from the Student

LIEST requires you to be an active and independent learner. This is different from how you learnt at high school and might push you outside your comfort zone. Lecturers expect you to engage with ideas, theories and evidence, and to develop your own thoughts and arguments on many topics. One of the benefits of LIEST study is becoming a critical thinker.

Some of the differences between school and LIEST learning are:

Acquiring the skills you need to successfully complete your studies may take a little time. By the end of your course you will have gained many valuable skills – personal, professional and technical – that will serve you well for life.

Student Conduct

LIEST values its students and places them at the heart of the LIEST. The LIEST Student promotes mutual respect and sets out what students can expect of LIEST and what it expects from its students – in terms of conduct and respecting the rights of others.